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Wipe12/13 Phoenix Official x10XP/X10gather/X10crafting/NoGod
Query Port: 27015
Owner: eendur
Players: 70
Website: Add a website
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 5
Map: The Exiled Lands

This server has 1116 Votes.
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Current Players: 18/70 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by Profile Picture eendur (VIP) 2 days ago
@RyuShin Yeah everyone was waiting for the wipe. Which I just did today!
Posted by Profile Picture RyuShin 3 days ago
Does the server ever get above 9 players lol ? its been a week there havnt been over 10 players online
Posted by Profile Picture eendur (VIP) 1 week ago
@pissedplayer its a PvP game. Alphas come and go its up to players to shape the dynamic in game. They arent the first and wont be the last. But every time there is an alpha someone complains. If you dont like it get em. They arent invincible. Thats how PvP works. I dont know why youre complaining about in game clan dynamics in top Conan.
Posted by Profile Picture Pissedplayer 1 week ago
they will have a city at every corner of the base and anything in between. they will raid and destroy new players to existing ones. I got it pvp server but if you cant keep players on the server whats the point
Posted by Profile Picture Pissedplayer 1 week ago
fuck the villans they run the whole map. they are killing the player base on the server.
Posted by Profile Picture eendur (VIP) 2 weeks ago
@bobsledbabe This is a known game issue not the server. If you place your bed in certain ways near objects it can block your spawn. Sometimes alters create these issues as well. Also if you die and spawn in desert you need to pull your bracelet and it sends you back to your bed. But yeah these are game issues that have been around for a while.

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