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Server Reviews
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Posted by ElfieCharm

I've been on the server for around two weeks. The story is immersive and always flowing! Admins are approachable and very active! Community is super friendly ,chill , active at all times! They manage to keep the RP going, regardless of time zones. I've met several brilliant RP partners, with whom I look forward roleplaying more! The server extended all my expectations and I'm looking forward aiding them to grow even bigger! --By Ellaina.

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Posted by HitokiriDenji

I've been playing in the server for going into two weeks now. I have already experienced two server roleplay events where it was competently DMd and contributed to the server lore, the admins are active and have built a roleplaying hub to visit at any time. I personally have interacted with the server owner where we went to do a dungeon together to work towards endgame content and he managed to make it a healthy roleplay experience where my character not only progressed mechanically but story-wise as well. The other members of the community are wholesome and have good senses of humor, that paired with being fairly active in discord makes this a humble and happy group to be around. I expect big things from this server and can't wait to be a part of it!

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Posted by Cataleiya

Been with this server for a couple weeks now; great community, very welcoming and friendly players. Definitely new player friendly (nothing like beating the admin up when you step out of creation). Small community, but I'm excited to help it grow. Certainly worth looking into; especially if you're looking for quality RP, and story driven server, and admin events.

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Posted by Roth0602

We have a discord webhook as well as the link posted in our description! I will post it again for those who are unable to locate it: https://discord.gg/vv5b2Uu

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Posted by LunarMynx

It would be very helpful if the Discord Invite link was provided.

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Posted by VexingJinx

Great role play, very true to lore. Extremely active Admin group and very friendly player base.

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Server Description

DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/vv5b2Uu

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► ► T H E B A N I S H E D ◄ ◄
[18+] - [HEAVY E/RP] - [PVP] || SERVER MAP: Exiled Lands.

∘ M a l e D o m i n a t e d ∘ I n t r i g u e ∘ A d v e n t u r e ∘ P o l i t i c s ∘
E r o t i c i s m ∘


There are some who believe the weak will be claimed, that to resist is to be chained.
Then there are those who offer succor, believing that you can recover and be redeemed.
Whence day turns dusk, one truth remains, however: you are among the Banished...
... and conflict is brewing.

The Banished is an RP server with a focus on storytelling and immersive, character-driven narratives; suited to players who enjoy a healthy balance between well-reasoned smut and developmental plot. Whilst PvP is enabled, it comes secondary to roleplay adding immersion and conflict resolution in cooperative tandem. Here, we offer active admins who keep the server fresh with new ideas, and a small but welcoming community with room to grow - all while supporting the players who bring it to life! Admin led adventures in addition to mod content is also offered! Immerse yourself and enjoy the role that you play!

◉ Level cap 300 max + increased, immersive difficulty, & all new combative challenges.
◉ 2 x active IC hubs; the commercial Marketplace, and the ever-populated Riverside Inn.
◉ Kits for new players, including starter gear and a level 60 boost!

Established clans [✓] New clans welcome [✓] Unclaimed land [✓] Rich server history [✓] DM run events [✓] Beginners Vets [✓] Active Admin [✓] Limitless potential [✓]

MOD LIST: Roleplay Mod Redux!, Pippi, Riverboats, EEWA, Ruins of Acheron, The Lost Lore of Exiles, Forsaken Tomb, Lexa ELI, Devious Desires, Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod, Slaver Mod, Aquilonian Females, Fashionist, Warrior Mutator, Emberlight, Barbarian Barber, RP Aesthetics, Shadows of Skelos, Paragon level 300, IQoL, ExilesExtreme, DungeonMasterTools, Better Thralls, Less Building Restrictions, Unlock Plus, Javelins Improved, Wafflurgy Artisanal Utopian Spread (WAUS), GrimProductions, Immersive Armor, RavenCrest Couriers, GetClose Mod, Northern Timber, Hosav Custom UI

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Server Owner: Roth0602
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