The Unrelenting Void [RP/18+/EEWA/AoC]


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Immerssive Roleplay is what we are looking for, where players assume the life of their character in a fantasy setting based in the Conan Exiled map. This server is player driven from the economy, RP Hubs, businesses and more. The Admin staff is here to assist, but we are not here to build a world like some RPG. Players build more than a "Base" merely to store items and have crafting tables as that is more OOC than the RP immersion that were are seeking. We do have a starting area to help new player-characters get a start on their journey and an WIP arena that aims to make levelling easier. When you are logged in you are In-Character, and every aspect of what is in the game, including AoC and EEWA are part of this immersive world.


Mod collection:

Key features:
-Fantasy based world
-Selectable race & class from Indri’s
-Starting kits (lvl 60, armour, tools, emotes)
-Starting character customization shop (EE accessories, grim accessories, etc)
-Level cap 300
-Daily/3day quests (For leveling up)
-Solo PvE arena (For leveling up)/ PvP colosseum
-Open and dynamic world (build your own realms)
-Build your own hubs (bonus building blocks and decoration)
-Territory/Land claim system
-No seasons and wipes
-Dedicated server in the USA (NY), map Exiled Lands
Server Owner: Brother
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