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Server ID 76992416
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map The Exiled Lands
Country United States
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Dec 5, 2021
Last Seen 6 minutes ago
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Posted by Nyxies

A wonderful server. Here are a few things I love about it. - Custom dungeons and daily quests. - A custom guild system with levels, perks, and quests. - A lovely Admin team that are always open to suggestion and eas to talk to. - Kind players. - A focus on balanced and enjoyable gameplay. - Fun PvP options, while still catering to those who enjoy a more PvE experience. - An incredible hub with everything you could possibly need. I highly recommend this server for anyone who is looking to take a break from heavily modded servers. The attention to detail and customization that the Admin staff put into this server is truly astounding. They are constantly adding new things and have more in the works! A beautiful, fun and welcoming RP community to all!

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Server Description
Our server offers a unique Conan experience developed by veteran server administrators. Last Kingdom aims to provide a fresh experience for the conan exiles roleplay community. Our roleplaying server offers an experience tailored to fully immerse you in the bleak and harsh realm of Last Kingdom. We are a brand new adult only, dedicated server opening today to offer you a brand new world to play in. Last Kingdom has its own lore inspired by dark fantasy/horror settings, a fully customized class system, several custom quests and daily quests, events, sorcery, items vendors and so much more! The settings are also tweaked so that we are not too foreboding for roleplayers with limited play time, plus a simple travel system is in place to allow players to warp themselves accross the map to some selected directions with a caravan system. We have very few building limits, so you can build your dream settlement ! We have up to 11 races with a custom races for demon kins with different perks and 3 different curses! We aim to include every elements possible from our fine selections of mods and we are open to suggestions!

  • Own lore

  • Uniquely customized classes

  • Unique PvP system with a fortress owning war

  • Sorcery and special abilities for players (with Indrids mod)

  • Vanilla level with features to increase your attributes a bit without breaking the system

  • Unique quests

  • Immersive World

  • Wild Grove portal implemented

  • Mechanical PvP come first/Dice skills is set

  • Eldritch weapons implemented ; improve your weapon to fit with your gameplay!

  • Much more to come!

  • Settings
  • Mechanical PvP come first but people are allowed to use dice to resolve conflict

  • 20 slot to start with but will be increased if needed

  • Exiled land combined to the wonderful Underdark mod

  • Location = North America (NYC)

  • Community = North American, English

  • RP/PvE-PvP

  • Text based Roleplay

  • 30 free level at beginning

  • Harvesting Rates = X4

  • XP multiplier = X4

  • Clan max size = 10 (for now)

  • Starting kit and Building kit for free at start.

  • Caravan system to warp yourself to selected areas.

  • No drop on death

  • No EEWA/AoC


    Server Owner: DaughterOfTheWolf
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