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Server Reviews
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Posted by Patiinthebox

I enjoy the server a lot, you know that a lot of love went into the creation of it and the people on here are super nice and helpful. I am glad to have found this server. It is now a home for me to go to after work and on days off.

Profile Picture
Posted by Coleblah

No server or community is perfect, and Vehement doesn't claim to be. Despite coming in with a skepticism I have about every one I join, I have seen a level of responsibility, dedication, and transparency I have not seen in a long while; to this degree, ever. The staff have had problems in the past, but these things are rooted out and things are announced and explained, with apologies given to offended parties if there are any. All this and Vehement has some of the best worldbuilding added to Conan I have seen too, staff doesn't just let the mods do all the work; the main hub with a bunch of start-up and repeatable quests, the extensive arena system, and availability to provide ideas to support furthering of these things combines into a beautiful cocktail that is Vehement. Despite stepping away, I always am dying to come back. Also, Oddree and Thallia are nerds.

Profile Picture
Posted by DarkwraithJinx

by far the best server ive played on rp, erp whatever, even if you dont like that, it's still an amazing server just to play the game all the mods are top notch, the admin made systems are golden and the staff are fair. what's not to love

Profile Picture
Posted by Malaya2234

This server has been a fantastic experience. I've greatly enjoyed my time here, especially having come from another server beforehand that had a lot of issues. This server on the other hand is the complete opposite of my older one and has a good split between focuses on RP and ERP. If you are looking for either in good quality, this server is the place for you, not only for its wonderful community but great server features.

Profile Picture
Posted by Devi1chi1d

First ever RP server I have been on and it has its up and downs but overall I adore it. Mods add to the RP and everyone is friendly and always willing to help out. I would recommend it to anyone. New or experienced role-players.

Profile Picture
Posted by Airedine

Honestly this server is a lot of fun. Low pressure, great people, good RP flow. There's so much on offer and everyone's really helpful. I'm happy to have found this community.

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Server Description
**Vehement RP|ERP|PVE (18+)**
︱• Fantasy ︱• Cosmetic Freebies! ︱• Caravan Warp System︱• Daily Rewards ︱• Patreon Rewards | • Events | • Custom Dungeons

*Featuring:* All your favorites and Pippi, EEWA,Age of Calamitous, Roleplay Redux, Emberlight, iQoL, and more!

Vehement is the Exiled Lands meets Fantasy! Immerse yourself in a world being bent by the many planes of existence. You have been exiled from your home realm and now must seek to find a way back or begin roots in your new life.

We build the story and develop the world together at Vehement. Join a home that puts Community first. We offer a unique character profile system to give you the ability to thoroughly create a character and set your level of expectations. We know you will fit perfectly into the world and discover its dangerous secrets!

**Custom Content**
- Daily and Weekly Quests
- Leveling Combat Arena
- Clan Region War Games
- Tons of Mod Vendors.
- Level 60 Boost
- Tier 2 and Tier 3 Material Kits (Free!/Reusable)
- Freebie Cosmetics
- Voting Rewards
- Dungeons, Special RP Towns.

**Server Lore**
There was a time where you knew the world around you. You have now been dealt an unfathomable punishment. You have suffered a fate worse than imprisonment or death. You have been banished from your home realm and placed into the eternal prison of The Exiled Lands. Beings from beyond their own realm find their way here, a fate similar to you.

You are in an unknown land, your old gods are silent and do not answer your prayers. Whatever knowledge you thought you had beforehand does not necessarily hold true here. What happens next is entirely upon you... How will you find your way, Exile?

Server Invite
Server Name: Vehement RP (18+)
Steam Direct Connect: steam://connect/
Server Direct Connect:
Server Owner: Oddree404
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