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Mitra has set His eyes upon Siptah, displeased with the godlike powers being exercised by the evil forces behind the storms. He has sent visions and omens to His priests making His desires known. The Guardians of Purity, a faction of warrior nuns of Mitra, have been the first to volunteer and pave the way for others. A mighty champion has been called upon personally to be the Hand of Mitra by the god Himself. He is heralded to lead the people in destroying the source of this dark sorcery that afflicts Siptah, and to reclaim the island for Aquilonian rule.

Will you be a volunteer in this endeavor, or have you come by the road of exile? Will you join the efforts of the Mitrans, or will you seek to enhance your own powers in the sorcerous energies that permeate the island? Or try to remain neutral if you can.

Forsaken Sagas of Siptah (18+ Para-RP) is a server dedicated to paragraph roleplay and advanced RP engagement such as politics and intrigue. If you are a Para-RPer, Semi-Para-RPer or an experienced casual RPer ready to immerse yourself deeper into the stories you and your fellow players can create, then you are exactly the kind of player Forsaken Sagas was designed for.
Server Owner: grimalkyn
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