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Posted by D3m0nDreamer

I have played on this server since its inception and the admin and staff teams are top notch, attentive to players needs. Content is plentiful and the server is diligently kept up and running for a community of great players as well as creatively built RP locations to gather and rp at your leisure. We have a fantastic community of experienced RPers and new comers alike, making this the place I love to call home.

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Posted by Embermac

Lovely server with active, friendly admin and staff. Fun rp and environment to rp to your hearts content.

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Server Description
Red Nails Wilds 18+ EEWA (e)RP - PvE-C

- 10xs XP for 60 days
- No Drop on Death
- PvE - Conflict (Story driven conflicts)
- Complete server lore
- ALL Races - If you can make it with the kits, you can be it
- Active Staff
- Helpful Community
- Family Environment
- Purges Active

The Newest Chapter in the Red Nails Saga

On the seventh day of Tascala’s ritual, the Death Wall succumbs. The instant it fails, the Archeronean Doomsday Failsafe is triggered, detonating the Black Stone towers anchoring the wall with the force of a dozen Hiroshimas. The moment their bracelets go dark, the heroes open the gateway. Exiles flee through the portal as wall of sorcerous fire sweeps across the Lands, destroying anything and everything that remains. Thousands of Exiles, Mad Ones, and even beasts and monsters, manage to escape through the escape passage before the wall of fire sweeps over it, closing it forever.

From the far side of the portal, the Exiles watch as the Lands crumble, just as fabled Atlantis did. The catacombs below the Lands shatter. The ground sinks down in titanic explosions of lava and water. The sea rushes in, filling the enormous crater that was once the Exiled Lands… then continues to consume the land!

The furious seas inland as the cataclysm escalates. The bed of the River Styx crumbles into a titanic void, shattering the kingdoms of Stygia and Koth. The seas rush in, covering their bones with a vast inland sea. The cataclysm continues to spread eastwards and westwards, across the heartlands of Turan, only stopping when it reaches the western edge of the Vilayat Sea. Where once mighty kingdoms stood, only a boiling inland sea remains. (See the map below).

While many have died, a number of Exiles have managed to flee the destruction of Hyboria, and escape to a strange, new land - the Savage Wilds. All they possess is what they could carry with them through the escape portal. They must face whatever dangers their new home can throw at them and rebuild.

If they survive that long.
Server Owner: Zoria33
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