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Server Reviews
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Posted by Mehr

Great server with excellent staff! Players are friendly, and there are numerous events and occasions to meet up and RP.

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Posted by Resroc

This server is amazing. Active with RP and always having an event going on. The Admin here are amazing. Especially Lucretia who regularly goes out of her way to help everyone. 10/10 would do it again!

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Posted by Unbroken8Warden

Been playing Conan Exiles since it originally came out on Early Access, but in all that time between then and now, this is the only server I returned to after taking a break from Conan. That should honestly tell you a lot about the quality of RP / Admin staff that are here, as they all are wonderful people and I can't think of a better place to call my Conan Exiles RP home.

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Posted by D3m0nDreamer

I have played on this server since its inception and the admin and staff teams are top notch, attentive to players needs. Content is plentiful and the server is diligently kept up and running for a community of great players as well as creatively built RP locations to gather and rp at your leisure. We have a fantastic community of experienced RPers and new comers alike, making this the place I love to call home.

Profile Picture
Posted by Embermac

Lovely server with active, friendly admin and staff. Fun rp and environment to rp to your hearts content.

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Server Description
Red Nails Wilds **18+** EEWA (e)RP - (PvP)PvE-C (Savage Wilds)
Direct Connect:
Steam Connect:
Heavy RP based community - **Discord is Required**

**10xs XP till September 1st**
**Level 60 boost & Starting kit**
**No Drop on Death**
**(PvP)PvE - Conflict** (Story driven conflicts) - **Strictly Enforced**
**EEWA Mod: Spellcasting! Level 300! High-end, challenging PVE content!**
**Flexible fantasy-based Race system - if you can imagine it you can probably build it with one of our RP mods. Ever wanted to play with (or as?) an orc, demon, werewolf, vampire, Fae, or just as one of the many human nations of Hyboria? If so, this is the place to do so.**
**Custom Dungeons and Quests**
**Active Staff**
**RP-focused mods like Fashionist, Grim Productions, RA, Immersive Armor, Dude’s, and many more!**
**Savage Wilds (new map!) with robust Server Lore and ongoing Storyline event chains. Write the history of the Savage Wilds through your character’s heroic (or villainous) deeds!**
**Tight player community with many active players in Discord and in-game.**
**Player participation program - Perks for participating in or hosting events!**

We pride ourselves on having an engaged and active Role-play community, both in-game and in our Discord. Protagonist characters (good guys), Antagonist (bad guys), and everything in-between are all welcome!

PVP and Friendly Fire are enabled, however **all** PVP conflict must flow logically from RP - no ganking, griefing, or stalking will be tolerated. The only exceptions to the RP Rule are a very few and remote ‘Free-fire PVP Zones’, all of which are clearly marked, and exist for RP reasons in the first place.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a PVP server please look elsewhere as our player base is here for the story-driven roleplay, not in racking up kills/bragging rights.
Server Owner: Zoria33
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