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Server ID 76991230
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map The Isle of Siptah
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Nov 12, 2020
Last Seen 9 minutes ago
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Server Reviews
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Posted by Embermac

Great Server, Great admins. Caravan travel and unique economy. Usually populated at all times.

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Posted by blanklink

I've admined here for well over a year, and we very much care for our server. We're active and engage community with custom events (brought forward by both the player base, and a special team dedicated to Storytelling). We strive to provide a fair, well balanced, lore rich, and dynamic environment for everyone. All of our community is wonderful and incredibly helpful. Wouldn't ever call another server home. - Blank

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Posted by jameslian

Good server, good mod list, good staff. Seriously havent had a bad day here yet since October

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Posted by Juicy79

Great economy system, good caravan travel afforded, but the server is extremely cliquish and Admin team are burned out, disgruntled and allow long-standing members to grief and drive away other players. Terribly managed from a gameplay perspective with one Admin having created a custom mod that randomly nerfs weapons, etc. without explanation. The community itself is incredibly toxic if you have a differing opinion and most are 'friends' with one or more Admins who inevitably side with them. Would not recommend unless you want to be griefed and frustrated into leaving.

Profile Picture
Posted by Aldie

We have added another great mod to TBO Ravencrest Couriers. This mod has a mail delivery service via tamed birds to sent messages to other players. Also has journals you can write in and pages to set down that save the text even if picked up and placed elsewhere. Great RP tool.

Profile Picture
Posted by Aldie

We have introduced a few new mods. Custom Stats (dice roll system). Slavers Mod (consent is everything though, some lovely cuddle emotes) and Devious Desires (some great character emotes/poses).

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Server Description
Conan Exiles Roleplaying Community

The Bonded Ones - [US] RP/PVP/18+

The gathering place for roleplayers in Conan Exiles

We’d like to invite you to take a look at The Bonded Ones RP/PVP 18+ Servers. We bring the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah to life on linked servers using R.E. Howard’s lore and the Conan RPG books.

Our robust community has a global player base and lively discord. Our Admin Team is active, attentive, available almost 24/7, and uses separate admin characters whilst on duty. We strive to provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Characters can choose to begin their journey on either server- Exiled Lands or Siptah.
The Exiled Lands boasts a custom-made, immersive starter experience, which gives basic armour, weapons, tools, a starter kit and a boost to lvl 50 to jump-start your character’s story and get you to the rp sooner. The mods, settings and standards of behaviour are the same for both servers, but Siptah’s lore and game mechanics slant things a bit tougher, so you begin your journey there with nothing other than an optional lvl 50 boost and small starter kit.

Here are a few examples of how we bring the Exiled Lands and Siptah to life with fun and interactive ways to play the game, while keeping the focus on RP with carefully thought out rules and settings.

Our Story-Telling team provides server-wide events you can engage in, and will support clan/personal RP stories.

Both servers have rp Hubs and Clans. Hubs are role play centres run by clans, and get additional perks such as a mini map room and a thespian vendor. Clan cap is 15 on both servers.

A caravan system has stops dotted over the map, to provide you with a ‘guarded escort’ as a fast travel option, available on both servers.

Both servers use Pippi currency, and players can earn or spend coin at vendors located in player-run hubs, or one of three immersive admin-built markets, which also have unique items and thespians.

Our server lore allows characters to travel between maps, or you can choose to make different characters on each map.
Our Server Settings

-- Idle thirst and hunger is set to 0.1 (so as not to break immersion during RP). Active thirst is 0.3
- Build Claim radius is 0.35
- Structure decay is turned off
- XP rate: 2 x on EL, 1 x on Siptah
- Gathering rate: 1 (we have double gather bonus weekends once a month and other special occasions)
- Drop Equipment on Death: No
- Bodies stay in world: No
- God Avatars Enabled: No
-Containers Ignore Owner?: No (but some can be locked)
-Purge Activated?: No, but we will swap your T4 crafting thralls for similar Purge Thrall on Exiled Lands.

Please take a look at our CERP Enjin thread which has a lot more information about what we have to offer.

Server Owner: Sipharion
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