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Posted by grimalkyn

I love RP, and it can be so hard to find a constant flow of RP interaction on most RP servers. This server offers me the ability to shape my own story in a way that actually has impact on the IC culture. The players are responsive, the admins helpful and the rules and features supportive. The story is constantly evolving, and RP now comes to my door almost daily. It's incredibly satisfying. This is the best CE Community for RP I've found.

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Posted by enferiel

I've been on a bunch of servers before but never had such a blast as on this one. A really great community, friendly and fun. I only wish I could play here more instead of sleeping!

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Posted by rpheals

The staff and players are really supportive and friendly! Loving this server a lot.

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Posted by silentfox1023

Fantastic server! Love the staff and players! Sticking to Hyborian lore is a huge bonus!!

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Posted by Itakaa

Hands down the BEST server I have been on. The community is amazing, the admin are responsive and helpful. If you want a good, well kept, engaged conan community, THIS is it!

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Posted by Andagne

As a member of TBO you are part of a living landscape that honors the work of R. E. Howard, with all the tropes and story elements from the Conan world to give the game substance and relevance. As a lore junkie, this is something I find absent in so many other game servers out there and have noticed and would like to publicly recognize with The Bonded Ones. Dedication to the source material is one thing, but I found that TBO truly honors not just the roleplay but the canon of the literary works that it sponsors. If something like this is important to you, TBO makes a valiant effort to feel like you belong to an established fictional realm. And heads up, the community members are replete with cooperation, attention and good humor, another thing that should be valued when choosing a server. Much like the game itself, TBO has a lot of heart and demonstrably improves upon the Conan experience.

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Server Description
Welcome to The Bonded Ones - Savage Wilds!
Come join a welcoming community based in the lore of REH, and expanded resources. Explore the expanse of the Savage Wilds and form alliances or vendettas with fellow Exiles. Participate in trade with both Exiles and Merchants. Join our Storyteller events and learn the personalized lore of the server.
The road will not be easy Bonded One, but great treasures await you.
Server Owner: Adahara
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