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Posted by buehler1990

I have played on this server off and on again. It is where I spent almost a 1000 hours in this game and my first time experiencing Roleplay. I played a female character Eowyn for the longest time and had many different experiences with different types of characters and it was a blast! If you are wanting to get into role play and find a server to call home then this one is a great pick. They have main story events and a great information on discord to help make a character to fit into the lore that is Conan. Please give this server a try you will not regret it!

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Posted by Marauder1

I've played Conan since its early access release with regular breaks to play other games, but I always come back to this server. Best server, best mods, absolute best community, hands down. Come join us!

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Posted by Dalthorn

10/10 come play already.

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Posted by russ43russ

?????? [EU/RU] [PVP] APOCALYPSE [X3] ?????? ?????? !!

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Posted by EmperorTritus

How do i join?

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Posted by applecandle1

I've tried a ton of CE RP servers over the years and TBO is by far the best one I've ever played on. If you're looking for an authentic Conan lore server (without random fantasy like it seems most servers have) with an active, helpful admin team, a friendly community, and a great mod lineup you really can't go wrong here!

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Server Description
Welcome to The Bonded Ones - Savage Wilds!
**Fresh Server Wipe as of 11/20/21**
Come join a welcoming community based in the lore of REH, and expanded resources. Explore the expanse of the Savage Wilds and form alliances or vendettas with fellow Exiles. Participate in trade with both Exiles and Merchants. Join our Storyteller events and learn the personalized lore of the server.
The road will not be easy Bonded One, but great treasures await you.

Come join us at:
Server Owner: Adahara
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