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Posted by Sacrolash

Great group of people, fair rules, well setup, and its new! Great place to start a story with good people!

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Posted by ESkman

This server is honestly one of the best recently opened server's i've come across

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Server Description
We are a RP/ERP/PvE Server with our own server lore. (PvP is RP'd out)
This server lore is carefully crafted by our own staff
And thought up by all of us collectively.

As our players progress through their stories and act on our server their fates will become intertwined with our server lore. Every Action has a great and equal reaction that will shape the world around us.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Currently included

- Friendly staff & community
- Starter Kits with level 60 boost
- Custom hub with Tavern and Inn
- Market with race customizables
- Player market for selling goods
- Custom Races & Classes
- Higher Gathering & Experience rates
- Level 300 Cap
- No item drop on death
- Own lore (that will evolve with its player base)
- Custom endgame content
- Sorcery, special abilities, and Mage college for players (with Indrid's mod)
- Unique quests
- Immersive World
- Weekly Auctions and events to help meet other characters and progress story

More to come as the server grows and progresses with each new story. This Conan Server requires that you join our discord server.

We hope to see you in our "mostly stable" realm
Server Owner: TriadReign
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