Shadows Of The Forbidden (PvE AUS)


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Server ID 76992308
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map The Exiled Lands
Country Australia
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Oct 26, 2021
Last Seen 7 minutes ago
Mods Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)
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Server Reviews
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Posted by trumpydave1

ive played conan since release, played many servers but this server has it all, great freindly comunity,and lots to do, ive been with this server for ever it seems and im not going anywhere i love the content and people in it

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Posted by Kalistas

This server is great for both new and experienced players looking to roll into a server with lots of extra items and things to do with an active community of mature, helpful players who regularly team up for events and activities. An immersive world for both the casual and serious Exile.

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Posted by redmist

I have been playing on this server or over a year now and can easily say this is one of the best Oceanic PvE servers you will find. Great community that is friendly and helpfull for new players and admin that literally spent years building and shaping the server to be as enjoyable as possible for the players and is still putting in the same effort to this very day. Custom Quests, Dungeons, City and Marketplace with all the content from AoC and EEWA as well. So many things to do it will literally overwhelm you, which the community and active discord will help with every step of the way, answering questions and providing guides and links to tons of information if needed. Do yourself a favour and come check it out. All new players that mention the name RedMist when joining the server will be automaticlly considered "cool" and most likely have thralls and gold thrown upon them. (there will most likely be a 100% chance that no thralls or gold will be thrown anywhere near you but you will still be "cool")

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Posted by MagiV1964

This server is all about Building and having fun. The Admins have created dungeons and cities of commerce. You can amerce yourself in AOC or Vanilla themes. Its up to you. Build to your hearts content as the Server will reward you for your creative flair. Its a friendly community willing to help and guide you especially if you are new to Conan. There are lots of mods to play with, your character can look amazing and do amazing things! Fly and shapeshift are just two. i love it! come and take chance.

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Server Description
We have a very friendly community on our server and we are the most active Oceania server still running. Our server is full of extra content like quests, dungeons, colosseum, portal area and many extra random spawns and goodies to find around the map.
We have many mods that help with building or endgame fun after level 300,
With active and friendly admins and very healthy server numbers, the server remains one of the most popular servers for players in Oceania and around the world.
Server Owner: Liriel666
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