[RP] Age of Domination (18+ HEAVY E/RP PVP)


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Server ID 76991788
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Map The Exiled Lands
Country United States
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Apr 12, 2021
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|Age of Domination|

∘ B o n d a g e ∘ I n t r i g u e ∘ A d v e n t u r e ∘ P o l i t i c s ∘ E r o t i c i m ∘



[18+] - [HEAVY E/RP] - [PVP]-[HEAVY SLAVERY] || SERVER MAP: Exiled Lands.

Memories fade at the precipice of a new age, heralded in by the whispering clank of chains....

Some find solace in their shackles; some have hearts in which malice remains. These perilous lands hold no truth save one: the weak will be claimed.....

You have entered the Age of Domination...... and chaos is ensuing.

Age of Domination is an E/RP server with focus on storytelling and immersive, character driven narratives; suited to players who enjoy a healthy balance between well-reasoned smut and developmental plot. Whilst PvP is enabled, it comes secondary to role-play, adding immersion and conflict resolution in cooperative tandem. Here, we provide an active admin team who keep the server fresh with new ideas while also joining in the interactive role-play themselves! We are small but close-knit community with room to grow - all while supporting the players who bring it to life! Immerse yourself and enjoy the role that you play!

» Level cap 300 max + increased, immersive difficulty, & all new combative challenges.

» 3x active IC hubs: New Gunderland, Tortage, Patra.

» Kits for new players, including start gear!

Established clans [✓] New clans welcome [✓] Unclaimed land [✓] Rich server history [✓] DM run events [✓] Beginners & Vets [✓] Active Admin [✓] Limitless potential [✓]

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cMETR6tvYZ
Server Owner: BellaPhoenix
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