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Server ID 76991755
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Savage Wilds
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Mar 31, 2021
Last Seen 2 minutes ago
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Server Reviews
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Posted by Alexandria

This is my passion project, RP servers (We run both Savage Wilds and Isle of Siptha & you are free to just play on SW if you have not bought IoS) dedicated to Howard's lore. I am blessed with an amazing and helpful staff and wonderful players who really bring the place to life. Come explore, conquer, live, love and slay with us!

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Posted by hortwort

Savage Wilds is a great map. Come! Explore it with us! Big trees! Big brothel! Not too many big monsters I hope, but I haven't explored too far yet.

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Posted by vala013

A nice and helpful community and lots of attention to lore. The server runs like a swiss clock.

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Posted by RaeneShou

Everyone is so much fun to RP with and the admin is friendly and helpful. It is a great server to play on!

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Posted by vivum39

This server have been my home for a long while, and I am very fussy with my servers, trust me :) The quality of RP and RPers is way above your standard mass-public server. Canon no-nonsense Howardian lore, deep and serious stories and development - just as I like it.

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Posted by Boadicea66

I love Conan Exiles, period, because I love Howard's stories so much. But when looking for a RP server those two things alone can not make the cut for a RP server. Black Circle does; it is based on Howard's lore from the Howard Lore Project (direct from his stories) over on the Conan Lore Archives Discord. The rule set is simple and straight forward, not trying to cover all things in a minutia of detail, allowing for real open ended RP. It is shaping up to be a great RP community and has useful Mods to promote RP but keeping performance in mind. Icing on the cake, it has Savage Wilds! This mod/map is fantastic, and travel is allowed between it and the Siptah map, with your main and alts. Go take a look, you will not be disappointed.

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Server Description
Black Circle is comprised of Isle of Siptha and Savage Wilds modded map. Yes, you get two servers for the price of one! We are a roleplay server focused on mystery, exploration and inter-character story development. In addition to the game lore there is server lore that allows players an added level of immersion as well as providing amenities like open crafting stations and a selection of merchants. We are developing a server whose lore mirrors Robert E. Howard's lore as closely as possible while expanding to fill in gaps for an overall cohesive lore accessible to all of our players. Our aim is to create an experience as true to the lore as written by Robert E. Howard himself as possible.
Our Discord:
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Server Owner: Alexandria
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