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Server ID 76991302
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map The Isle of Siptah
Country United States
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Dec 3, 2020
Last Seen 2 minutes ago
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Server Reviews
Profile Picture
Posted by RaeneShou

I would recommend this server to anyone wanting to have fun rping while using traditional lore. the admins are all helpful and friendly.

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Posted by Boadicea66

I love Conan Exiles, period, because I love Howard's stories so much. But when looking for a RP server those two things alone can not make the cut for a RP server. Black Circle does; it is based on Howard's lore from the Howard Lore Project (direct from his stories) over on the Conan Lore Archives Discord. The rule set is simple and straight forward, not trying to cover all things in a minutia of detail, allowing for real open ended RP. It is shaping up to be a great RP community and has useful Mods to promote RP but keeping performance in mind. Icing on the cake, it has Savage Wilds! This mod/map is fantastic, and travel is allowed between it and the Siptah map, with your main and alts. Go take a look, you will not be disappointed.

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Posted by DarkHearst

Very friendly and inclusive group of roleplayers on this server, with some interesting story. What's not to like? Very fulfilling pay-off of plots given build up so far.

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Posted by vivum39

Deep and serious RP based on Howard's lore, focusing on story development, just as I like.

Profile Picture
Posted by WolfHam

Great tight-knit and respectful community here so far, heavily based in Howard Lore. As a whole, the playerbase tends to be strongly capable of communication and respect for RP goals and player preferences. Great curated set of setting-appropriate mods that enrich gameplay and improve quality of life for RP. PvP is an option for people on the server, but don't let that dissuade the more casual player, since the community here is loathe to cause player disgruntlement. Definitely give it a try and check it out!

Profile Picture
Posted by phantomoftruth

Tight community of people who love RP and want to do right by Howard lore. Give it a shot. Slower pace than other servers, but that allows for some great drama build up and pay off in a good way.

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Server Description
Black Circle is an Isle of Siptah RP-PVP server focused on mystery and inter-character story development adhering to R.E Howard's Conan the Barbarian canon.
Our Mod Collection is chosen with an eye first towards character customization and to enhance roleplay. Thrall Wars is used sparingly and judiciously by the Admin team whereas Emberlight brings not only excellent character customization options but adds richness to the setting via things like farming and decoration. Barbarian Barber and RA add a plethora of ever-expanding ways to give you the best possible character creation as well as the ability to change things as you play so you aren’t locked into just one look for your character. We hope you’ll give us a look!

Our Mods can be found here.
Server Owner: granpafishy
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