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TestLive Update: TestLive Product, Fixes and improved mechanics

Hello Exiles!

We have a new juicy TestLive patch for you. Besides a whole lot of fixes we also have a few new, exciting mechanics for you to test out.

Bow improvementsBows have gotten faster and more deadly! We recently added a selection of new advanced (and deadly) arrows and now we are happy to finally roll out a new feature set for the Bow.
The bow light atta[...]

Introducing the Conan Exiles Public Bug Tracker

Hello Exiles,

Today we would like to introduce our public community issue board that is being populated and updated by the community team.
This is supposed to list and track the issues that get brought up by the community the most and can be found HERE[trello.com].

The board will list issues for all platforms. If there is no mention of a specific[...]

PC Hotfix (15.11.2018)

Hey everyone!

We're rolling out a quick hotfix for the PC to take care of some issues that popped up after the post-Halloween patch. Please not that this patch contains no updates to the Purge system. That is planned to come out in a future patch.

The dev kit will release at the same time as this patch so mod creators can update their mods right away.

Fixed an iss[...]

Weekly Community Newsletter: Quick Status Update

Good morning, you handsome cat pajamas! Welcome back to the Conan Exiles community newsletters. It’s been a while since we last spoke, as we’ve been a bit busy over here in the Funcom Oslo office. We wanted to give you guys a quick status update on Conan Exiles as well as tell you a little bit about some of the goings on from the past few weeks.

We’ll be recapping the Halloween event, talki[...]

Post-Halloween Patch (07.11.2018)

Dear exiles,

We have released a new patch for the PC version of Conan Exiles and removed the Halloween content from the game. We know the Night of Lost Souls event hasn’t been everyone’s cup of tea and we’re taking several lessons away from the feedback we’ve gotten this past week.

If you haven’t been participating in the discussions on our forums or on social media, and would like t[...]