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Weekly Community Newsletter: Bow Improvements and Katanas
How do you do, fellow kids? Welcome back to the Conan Exiles community newsletter. With less than 3 weeks remaining of 2018 we’re slowly beginning to wind down in preparation for Christmas, while also working towards having Conan Exiles be in a stable and working condition when the holiday break begins.

We’ve released a major patch for PC[forums.funcom.com][...]

Seekers of the Dawn Pack now available!
You can now get your hands on content from the mysterious eastern kingdom of Yamatai, where a powerful people dwell on an island at the edge of the world.

Wield all new and mighty Katanas in battle – with their unique animations and quick dash attacks they add a new dimension to combat!  Create your home using the unique Yamatai building pieces, created from white stone with beautif[...]

Christmas and Current Focus
Hello Exiles,

As you might have noticed, we have a new name on the forums and other assorted online places:
Please let me introduce Ignasi, our latest Community Member, to you. He’ll be working as community support and be a frequent face around these parts going forward, collecting your input and feedback as well as answering questions and making sure we have eyes in as many places as po[...]