All server votes have been reset to start the 2018 voting tracker. Happy New Year!

Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive from our users. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact support.

There are some servers that can't be automatically added by our system. If your server happens to fall in this category, you can add it manually by claiming it in your account panel. Be sure to use the IP address and the QUERY port. Check with your host if you are not sure what your query port is.

All servers (PvP, PvE, Official ) are ranked by players online, server uptime, ingame player time and unique visits. VOTES DO NOT IMPACT RANK on the ranked list. The community page is the only list that is ranked by player votes. Although we would love to tell you the exact formula we use to rank servers we simply can't because it's private.

Absolutely not! We know upgrading servers and changing providers is something all server owners do at some point. Servers that are claimed can open a support ticket and request an IP transfer. Please make sure you provide your NEW IP address and both servers are claimed! Failure to provide required information will only delay your ticket.

When you sponsor your server you override your servers actual rank during the sponsor time and your server is displayed on the front of the page of the site. You will remain in the first position until you are bumped down by someone else sponsoring or bumping their server. We can't guarantee you will get new players because that is based on how you run your server, player cap, where it's located and how many positive comments it has. Sponsoring your server provides you front page access. About 92% of all visitors choose a server from the front page. The greatest benefit is being displayed on the front page which allows players to see your server without scrolling through the list.

The lifetime sponsorship is a unique one of a kind sponsorship that does not expire after 7 days. Only 10 lifetime sponsorships exist and the only way to get one is if a lifetime owner is offline for longer than 6 months. When a lifetime sponsorship is open, we will announce it on the site and social media.

This is something we take very serious! If you find another server using your name on our site, please contact support immediately. We will open an investigation and determine which server was added first and from there take action.

Wallet Cash is applied instantly unless your payment was an eCheck or it was denied. If you purchased Wallet Cash during a bonus event, your bonus will also be applied instantly.

Breaking any of our Terms will result in your server and or account to be banned from our website with or without notice.

Yes, users who have donated or sponsored a server unlocked the remove comment feature in the server control panel. TopConanServers is not responsible for any comments made by users. We reserve the right to remove comments at our discretion.

Users can vote once every 12 hours. Any user(s) who try to exploit the voting system will be banned.

Chances are the server IP address was owned or being leased by someone prior. You can claim your server by following the claimed server steps and it will mark you as the claimed owner.

If you restart or update your server during the tracking phase, our system will move your server to the offline list until the next tracking phase. Rest assured that if your server is online, our system will mark it online the next time it tracks your server.

If your server doesn't have a flag, you can edit the flag in the server edit page. Before you can access a server's edit page, you must claim it.

A wallet voucher is a code you can use to redeem FREE wallet cash. We provide these on our social media accounts and reporting bugs.

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